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Lexario Systems provides contractors, home builders, glazing professionals, architects and designers with a locally backed solution for exterior folding door fabrication and installation, with local lead times, warranties and service.

We have established a locally owned and operated fabrication facility dedicated exclusively to designing and manufacturing Canadian made exterior folding doors. We fabricate custom to our clients opening sizes and support a positive collaboration with designers and builders to ensure your indoor / outdoor living project is a success for your end user.

Premium Aluminum Accordion Doors

Aluminum is the modern window or door framing material of choice allowing a new built home to have a contemporary feel no matter how traditional the design of the property is.

The aluminum that goes into making our concertina door is premium-grade, coming from prime billets rather than re-melting scrap. It’s a hugely versatile metal that allows us to build all kinds of complex door configurations without compromising on lightness, quality or resilience.

Aluminum’s innate strength ensures our doors are secure, energy efficient and resistant to warping or flexing, even in the worst of weather conditions. We finish the frames with a high-grade local powder coating, ensuring a scratch-resistant and completely smooth surface. Concealed hardware and slim sightlines make sure you have the best possible view of your world outside.

Why Choose Aluminum?

  • Low Maintenance and extremely durable; won’t split, swell, crack or warp. Longer lifespan than wood, plastic or vinyl options
  • Very light yet stronger mechanical strength levels than other options, allowing for slimmer profiles and maximized visibility
  • A range of powder coating options ensures aluminum doors can be perfectly colour matched to any decor
  • Corrosion and weather resistant under a range of harsh environmental conditions
  • Aluminum has one of the highest recycling rates of any metal and is an environmentally sustainable material

Folding Configurations

Door Panel Maximum Size:

Up to 915mm Width x 2750mm Height [3’ W x 9’ H]


Provides the comfort of a fixed wall with our tamper proof multi-point locking system and protection from the elements.


The convenience of a single door function without the need to open the entire package. Active doors include a spring loaded door holder to hold the panel into place.


Providing a convenient partially open option.


Offers a maximum open air environment, opening your living space to the outdoors.

Our most common panel configurations range from 3 to 6 panels with options to have a man door, french doors or simply a bi-folding package.


Your home isn’t a home if it doesn’t feel secure. With our twin point locking system engaged on each pair of panels, our door will meet the security standards of your sanctuary.

Our doors boast the following security features:

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel hinge pins with set screws to resist tampering from the most determined intruders
  • Glass stops located on the interior of our system, therefore eliminating any chance of deglazing from the exterior
  • Every unit is fitted with heat strengthened, tempered double glazed units
  • A European cylinder lock proven to withstand common housebreaking techniques such as picking or drilling
  • A minimized threshold carefully designed to remove trip hazards and provide a seamless transition from the inside to the outside of your home Combine these high-quality features with extremely strong aluminum frames and you have a door system where security is second to none.

Inspired by colour

You might be perfectly satisfied with a contemporary black, white or split finish (black exterior / white interior) door. Alternatively, your taste might be much more adventurous. With our Lexario Exterior Bi-Fold Door, you have the choice of over 200 RAL shades and we offer split finish options, with an alternate colour interior vs. exterior, as we powder coat locally, before we roll your profiles together…truly Made In Canada.

So whether you’re looking to match your specific brand colour, a bright primary shade, a candy-coloured pastel or a deep, earthy tone, Lexario’s extensive colour palette options will surely inspire you.

Our aluminum products are powder coated with the highest quality local powder coating services and are virtually maintenance free. We use Tiger Drylac® Super Durable high performance powder coatings intended for residential window and door frame applications.

Custom colour options are also available as there are hundreds of RAL colours that you can choose from. To choose your colour accurately and to get a more precise idea of what the colour looks like, it is advised that you obtain a printed RAL colour chart from your local decorators’ merchant.

Custom colours are subject to additional costs and lead times.

We stock our black and white and are able to offer a split finish, black exterior / white interior with faster lead times in any black or white combination.


Active Door / Lever Handle

Premium German made brushed stainless active door handles are fitted to the main access door, an aesthetically pleasing and durable locking door handle ergonomically designed and engineered. You can choose a lever/lever handle or lever/flat handle option; the latter reduces the stacking widths of the doors.

Locking Cylinder

Premium German made brushed stainless locking cylinder sits above the lever handle. Each handle set comes complete with 3x keys.

Pull Handle

All Lexario aluminum folding door systems are supplied with 316 grade stainless steel pull handles, ideal for coastal regions. Pull handles are located internally to assist the rotation of your turn handles into locking position.

Turn Handle

The primary use is to operate the locking rod mechanism; a simple twist of the handle locates the locking rod bolts into position within the top & bottom profiles securing the door into position. All door systems are supplied with powder coated flat handles matching your interior colour selection.



Lexario folding doors are double glazed with locally fabricated, argon filled, Low-E coated tempered glass, 22mm units fitted with matching spacer bars. We purchase custom glass units for each project from our local supplier, allowing for controlled quality and lead time.


Glass Specifications:

  • 22.09mm Insulated Glass Unit
  • 3.9mm Cardinal 272 Tempered – Low-E edge deleted (outboard)
  • 9/16″ (14.29mm) Black Standard Dual Seal Warm Edge SuperSpacer
  • Fill 90% Argon/10% Air
  • Secondary Seal – Fenzi Hotver+ Butyl Hotmelt (black)- 3.9mm Clear Tempered (inboard)

All tempered glass edges are seamed for production use to facilitate heat treatment.All glass and IGUs are IGCC certified, tempered glass is SGCC certified, manufactured to ASTM and CAN/CGSB standards.

Lexario Aluminum Folding Doors are built and tested to last. Our doors are tested for air, water and structure and certified to the “North American Fenestration Standard/Specification for Windows, Doors (NAFS). Developed, designed and engineered for performance, structural integrity, strength and protection against the elements.