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Posted on 12 15 2020

How to Be Outrageously Consistent

Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Activate your 30 day free trial to continue reading. Activate your 30 day free trial to unlock unlimited reading. Add outrageous to one of your lists below, or create a new one. They both have good hearts, albeit somewhat outrageous ways of making their way through life. Success in presidential politics now is all about outrageous performance. To me, if it advances prosperity, sustainability and justice, then no proposal is too outrageous to consider.

Negative thinking is the bane of consistency and of willpower. When you think negatively you are making yourself less likely to be able to hold to your consistent actions. Remind yourself of the long-term benefits whenever you feel unmotivated. For example, you might establish How to Be Outrageously Consistent that you won’t take phone calls during a family dinner. Tell your boss, coworkers, and friends that this time is off limits. Ask a friend, family member, mentor, or coworker to be your accountability partner. Have them check in once a week to see what your progress is like.

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Even if you look at Ruth’s most consistent string of five seasons in which he batted more than 500 times,4 he never had a standard deviation of yearly WAR as low as Trout’s. In today’s show we look at why consistency is the ultimate success tool, why people tend to lose consistency and how we can ensure we are outrageously consistent. To start, establish goals that are realistic — don’t make yourself miserable trying to achieve some lofty vision of success if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle or where you are right now.

How to Be Outrageously Consistent

The 25 guys who began the season remained on the big league roster all season long, tying a record for fewest players used by a major league team. Together we’ll also add more success stories and change the stereotype and negative perception that network marketing often has.

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The ’27 Yankee ranks also included a meat cutter and an ex-vaudevillian, a talented painter, artist, writer and singer, a skilled piano player. And there were a few who had never known anything but playing baseball. So if you’re looking to learn from someone, Simon is an excellent resource. What I really like about Simon’s training is he’s very passionate when he talks. Having role models and mentors is absolutely critical to be successful in this profession and Simon was one of those people for me. Simon Chan has so much integrity and he’s such an incredible trainer. I would recommend anybody hire him to actually train them, train their teams, to speak in front of their company.

  • Success in presidential politics now is all about outrageous performance.
  • Parsons’ first season with the Mavs was the definition of mediocrity.
  • Some may argue that the problem isn’t the players’ race as much as their ability.
  • Simon is just an amazing add to the network marketing profession; with MLM Nation going on with so many episodes, where he’s brought the best of the best and give real strategies on how you really can build your business.
  • Five hundred pitches encompasses about a couple weeks’ worth of games, over which the average pitch location tends to stay pretty consistent.
  • On this show, a week before Thanksgiving, the first topic of the day is Bayless’s favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Conservatives mercilessly ridiculed National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease director Dr. Anthony Fauci after a viral clip depicted him bragging that he symbolizes “consistency,” “truth” and human “caring.” And if you loved the Yankees, it was the best of times.

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Every single time that I’ve had Simon in front of our team, they feel empowered because Simon gets them to believe they’ve got the right tools, they’re in the right industry and they’re in the right place at the right time. Simon is a brilliant masterful teacher because he has walked the journey. So he really can relate to every level of distributor in the business, whether they’re starting out and brand new right through to a really senior leader looking to scale even bigger. I’ve been a network marketing leader for the past 12 years in this profession and of everyone that I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with in the training space, Simon Chan is one of my absolute favorites. And he’s just really really impacted my team in such huge ways… the people that are working with him are in massive growth momentum in my whole entire organization. Simon is a leader who is the model of consistency. I’ve had so much great value for being part of Simon’s Mastermind and I loved being part of many of his live events in Australia.

How to Be Outrageously Consistent

If you’re starting to dread a task or goal, revise the the task, goal, or outcome. Break it up into smaller steps or promise yourself a reward when you get it done. Whenever you try to establish new habits, understand that it can take time. Instead of uprooting your life with several new practices at once, allow yourself time to figure out what works. Be realistic with what you can expect to see over time.

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There was an almost grotesque quality to the team collectively as well as individually. He had a heart condition that he kept secret from his teammates. Another seemingly unfriendly, at times very quiet, was an epileptic. I’m Simon Chan and I believe everyone can earn a part time income in network marketing. If you have ever considered having somebody coach, teach or train, I have a big soft mushy spot in my heart for Simon.

How can I be consistent in my goals?

  1. Make Sure They're Your Dreams.
  2. Break Down Your Goals Into Smaller Pieces.
  3. Segment Your Efforts and Tasks.
  4. Get Organized and Be Systematic.
  5. Remind Yourself Why You Started.
  6. Talk to Your Partner Often.
  7. Schedule Time for Things You Love Doing.

If you’re uncertain how long a task will take, give yourself extra time to complete it. Instead of saying “I’m going to consistently appreciate my significant other,” you might say “I’m going to thank my significant other when they wash the dishes, make dinner, or help out around the house.” Once you’ve identified your end goal, come up with smaller steps to reach it.

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And there’s definitely a method to his madness, which is why he chose to stay on East Coast time after relocating to L.A. This impressive success encouraged Poo~Pourri consistently executed brilliant marketing over years and become the number one brand of bathroom products in 2018.

How to Be Outrageously Consistent

Despite trying to appear humble, he stated, “People go to medical school now, people are interested in science ­– not because of me, because most people don’t know me, who I am… It’s what I symbolize.” Though this other statement seemed to be as outrageous to conservatives. Fauci discussed what he called the “Fauci Effect,” this idea that he himself has come to symbolize truth in a world rampant with untruths. Another was an uneducated dirt farmer, ag ed 30, or was it 40. There was also a Kentuckian, a church goer, a non-smoker, non-drinker, a man who never cursed and read his Bible on the road in hotel rooms. Tony Lazzeri’s health condition was never mentioned by the press. One was taciturn, some would say miserable, a drinker, a scowler who looked at the world about him with annoyance and anger.

For example, you might give yourself an hour each evening to read, take a bath, or watch TV. If a literary agent rejects your manuscript, figure out where next to send it, or look it over to see what might be improved. If you do complete your goals, give yourself a reward.

  • There has never been any reason to believe Cuban or any important member of the organization has had any racial bias against non-white players.
  • Guys like Redick were effective in their heyday but way past their prime by the time they headed to Texas.
  • As it turned out, Ayala’s husband, Jaime Plascencia, had bought the severed finger from a co-worker — who had recently lost it in an on-the-job accident — for $100.
  • He played 66 out of 82 games while averaging 15.7 points.